March 9, 2023

How Does Remapping Work?

If you have looked into remapping your car in Ireland or have just heard about remapping, then this article should explain a little about what it is, how it works and the improvements that your car will have if remapped with JTK Remapping.

Each garage and tuning firm in Ireland will have its particular approach.

But all are aimed at improving the performance of your vehicle, be it improved speed, torque, fuel consumption or a combination of all three.

We will give you an overview of how your vehicle remapping will work at JTK Remapping.

The JTK Remapping process:

Whether a fleet vehicle or your private vehicle you can visit our workshop on a date and time that suits you.

  • Call ahead and we will schedule you for your remapping and tuning.
  • Once in our hands, you can grab a coffee and relax while we get to work.
  • The first step in any vehicle remapping is to run several tests to evaluate the performance of your vehicle.
  • We do this with a dyno test (Short for dynamometer). We use the right dyno machine for your vehicle to ensure the assessments are correct.
  • A dyno test will highlight areas such as torque, speed and horsepower.
  • This information is recorded and assessed by our technician's so we can accurately see where performance can be improved.
  • We will then remap the engine control unit (ECU) and reinstall this into your vehicle.
  • The ECU is essentially the brain of your engine and sends commands to certain areas of your car. By remapping this we can improve the efficiency of your vehicle.
  • We use several tools and software to remap your vehicle.
  • All of these components have been highly tested and are trusted throughout the industry.
  • We can walk you through the particulars of each area if you wish.
  • All our technicians are highly trained, experienced and proficient in what they are doing.
  • The testing and remapping process should take no longer than an hour.
  • Afterwards feels free to test drive your improved vehicle and let us know what you think.

Whether it is one vehicle or a fleet you are looking to improve, working with jet tuning is the way to go.

Is remapping your car worth it?

You may feel that an improvement in torque and speed is not worth the investment, but there are several key benefits to remapping your car.

Vehicle manufacturers have to set limits to car performance for several reasons, it may be for improved competition, local guidelines or simply because restricting is easier to do.

Remapping your car unlocks this hidden potential.

Improved torque means your vehicle can reach peak performance with less stress on the engine and fuel. You can achieve the best speed in less time, which is great for fuel efficiency.

Small incremental savings can have a huge impact in the long term and can be felt quite quickly with a fleet of vehicles.

Remapping is not just for cars.

Your trucks, lorries and agricultural equipment can all benefit from remapping.

Depending on the age and model, you can gain more years for your vehicle, increase profits with better efficiency and improve the work rate of many vehicles.

JTK Remapping:

If you have any additional questions about your vehicle remapping process or would like to schedule your vehicle, get in touch with JTK remapping today.

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Article written by John Kearns

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