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DSG/TCU Remapping

At JTK Remapping, we pride ourselves on being a leading remapping company in Ireland, offering exceptional DSG/TCU Remapping services to car enthusiasts and performance-oriented individuals. Our DSG/TCU Remapping service is designed for vehicles with automatic transmissions that are equipped with a TCU, controlling all aspects of the transmission's functionality.

Why Opt for DSG/TCU Remapping?

At JTK Remapping, we understand the importance of optimizing the performance and driveability of a vehicle. Therefore, we recommend simultaneous remapping of the ECU and DSG/TCU box for maximum results.

Tailored DSG/TCU Remapping Service

Our DSG/TCU Remapping service is customised to suit individual needs and vehicle make and model. We offer various changes to improve the performance of the vehicle, including increasing shift speed, torque limiters, hydraulic pressure, and changing the rpm limiter of the engine by modifying the DSG/TCU software.

Types of DSG/TCUs Tuned

We tune a range of DSG/TCUs, including:

  • VAG DSG/S-Tronic
  • BMW ZF (6 Speed and 8 Speed)
  • MB DCT
  • And many more!

Benefits of Our DSG Remapping Service

We offer a custom DSG Remap service designed to alter various parameters and options, providing an unmatched driving experience. Some benefits of our service include increased torque limiter, quicker shift speeds, adjusted RPM limits and shift set points, launch control, and full manual mode.

Increased Torque Limiter

We increase the DSG/TCU torque limiter to match the engine torque output, allowing for greater power output and acceleration. This adjustment will help achieve higher speeds with ease.

Quicker Shift Speeds

Our DSG/TCU Remap increases shift speeds by up to 20%, providing a smoother transition between gear changes and improving paddle shift response time. This reduction in lag time will greatly improve the vehicle's overall performance.

RPM Limits & Shift Set Points

We can adjust RPM limits and shift set points in drive and sports mode, allowing for more precise control and customization. Our DSG/TCU Remapping ensures that the DSG/TCU & ECU will determine the shift point based on the engine DSG/TCU remap.

Launch Control

We activate launch control (model-specific) to allow the vehicle to make the perfect launch every time, reducing the 0 – 60 time and increasing the fun factor. This feature is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their racing experience.

Full Manual Mode

Our custom DSG Remap prevents auto-changing when in manual mode (model-specific). This ensures full control over the vehicle, ensuring that the driving experience is personalized to exact preferences.

At JTK Remapping, we are committed to providing unparalleled DSG Remapping services in Ireland. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience necessary to improve the performance of a DSG gearbox. Contact us today to learn more about our DSG Remapping service and take the driving experience to the next level!

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