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General Vehicle Maintenance

Looking for a simple, effective, and affordable way to extend the life of your car? JTK Remapping, based in Waterford offers a comprehensive maintenance service. Our expert technicians will perform a full inspection of your vehicle, including the interior, exterior, and underbody.

  • Checking the brake fluid level
  • Examining the power steering fluid level
  • Inspecting the coolant/antifreeze level
  • Evaluating the condition of the drive shaft and joints
  • Checking the brakes and brake pipes
  • Examining the suspension
  • Assessing the wear of auxiliary drive belts
  • Inspecting the wipers and linkages
  • Evaluating the condition of the tires and wheels
  • Checking the wheel bearings
  • Examining the condition of the bushes and axles

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a full vehicle inspection. Got an NCT coming up? Check out our Pre-NCT Inspection service!

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