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DPF Cleaning

If you own a car that was manufactured in or after 2009, chances are it was fitted with a DPF to comply with Euro V emissions regulations. A DPF is a crucial component that removes particulate matter from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine, thereby reducing emissions.

At JTK Remapping, we understand that DPFs have a finite capacity and require regular regeneration to function optimally. If you frequently take long journeys with your car, your DPF can initiate the regeneration process and burn out the soot from the filter. However, if you undertake short trips daily, your DPF can become blocked, leading to reduced performance, increased fuel consumption, and dashboard warning lights.

At JTK Remapping, we understand that DPF replacement costs can be quite steep, ranging from €1500 up to €5000 or even more. However, we are pleased to offer an affordable alternative that provides equal service and longevity, with guaranteed results.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to replace your DPF after a certain period. If you keep it in a state where it can be regenerated by the car's ECU, it can last the lifetime of your car. And that's where we come in! We offer a comprehensive DPF cleaning service that guarantees the same longevity as a replacement DPF, but at a fraction of the cost.

Booking an appointment with us is easy. Simply bring your car to our workshop, and our team will detach the DPF and clean it using our custom-built, state-of-the-art DPF cleaner machine. We then reattach the DPF and carry out thorough testing to ensure that our service meets the highest standards.

If you prefer, you can also send your DPF to us, and we'll send it back cleaned and restored. Our goal is to provide you with the best DPF cleaning service available in Waterford, so you can enjoy a more efficient and high-performing car.

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