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Economy Remapping

Understanding Engine Remapping

Engine remapping is a process that involves making adjustments to a vehicle's engine control unit (ECU) to enhance performance and improve fuel economy. This process is achieved through the optimization of the engine's computer software, which can be adjusted to provide a more efficient and effective driving experience.

Benefits of Economy Engine Remaps

Economy engine remaps are designed to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, and enhance your driving experience. Here are some of the benefits of economy engine remaps:

Driving Experience Improvement

One of the main benefits of an economy engine remap is that it can improve your driving experience. With improved fuel economy and a more linear power delivery, you can experience smoother acceleration to cruising speeds with fewer gear changes, and easier towing with heavy loads.

Throttle Response

Another advantage of an economy remap is improved throttle response. Your vehicle will be more responsive, giving you better control and making your driving experience more enjoyable. This is especially noticeable in turbo diesel vehicles that experience a lot of turbo lag, as the increased torque in the lower rev range improves throttle response.

Linear Power Band

Economy remapping can improve fuel economy by up to 15%, expand the power band, and provide more power at lower revs. This makes it easier for you to overtake and climb hills, and the power delivery is smoother, resulting in a more pleasant driving experience.

Turbo Lag

Turbo lag can be a significant issue when trying to accelerate quickly. However, engine remapping can reduce turbo lag by making improvements to the turbocharger, engine management system, and exhaust system. These improvements result in a more responsive vehicle and a smoother ride.

Flat Spots

Flat spots in your rev range can make driving frustrating. However, an engine remap can eliminate these flat spots, making your driving experience much more enjoyable. By adjusting fuel delivery and ignition timing to optimize the engine performance, overall power and torque are improved, leading to a smoother and more responsive engine.

Better MPG

Economy remapping helps you achieve optimum economy, which is essential considering the increasing cost of fuel. Depending on the vehicle you are driving and your throttle input, economy tuning can improve your vehicle's MPG by 5% to 30%.

More BHP and Torque

Engine remapping can increase both power and torque, giving your car a noticeable boost in performance. Improving fuel efficiency while enhancing performance is the hallmark of economy tuning, making it a desirable option for those looking to tow heavy loads or improve their driving style.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Economy remapping optimizes diesel engine performance, reducing fuel consumption and leading to significant savings on fuel costs while reducing your carbon footprint.

Improved Performance

Economy remapping can also enhance the performance of your diesel engine, resulting in increased power output and improved acceleration.

Reduced Emissions

Reducing emissions is good for the environment and can lead to reduced running costs. Our economy remapping service can help to reduce emissions from your diesel engine.

Additional Benefits of Economy Remapping

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, economy remapping can also provide smoother power delivery, reduced engine stress, and reduced running costs. These benefits make it a win-win solution for business owners operating a Van or HGV or those who have scaled a fleet of vehicles and are struggling with the significant increase in fuel costs.

Consider Economy Remapping for Your Diesel Vehicle

Diesel vehicles are commonly tuned with economy remapping due to their fuel efficiency, and if you are looking to improve your vehicle's fuel economy, reduce emissions, and enhance your driving experience, our economy remapping service may be a good option for you

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