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ECU Remapping

Increase the performance of your car or light commercial vehicle to its full potential with an ECU Remapping service at JTK Remapping, an Irish remapping & tuning company. Our customized ECU remaps are tailored to your engine's requirements and can help you boost power (BHP) and torque (NM). Moreover, our in-depth service eliminates poor throttle response, resolves flat spots for a smoother drive experience and ensures that each vehicle achieves peak performance from start to finish.

Our Process

Our professional technicians work out of our tuning HQ in Waterford to ensure that every map is tailored to the individual engine's requirements. We use a top-of-the-line dyno (rolling road) to write and test our maps, ensuring that we're unlocking your vehicle's true potential. We also offer a guarantee against software malfunctions or failures and store your manufacturer's default map on our servers for easy restoration.

Benefits of ECU Remapping

Remapping your vehicle with JTK Remapping Ireland has several benefits, including:

  • Unlocking Hidden Power
  • Better Fuel Economy & MPG
  • Up to a 35% increase in BHP on a Stage 1 Remap
  • Up to 50% more torque
  • Up to 20% better fuel economy
  • Better throttle response
  • Safer overtaking & acceleration
  • Lifetime software warranty
  • Safer than chip tuning
  • EGR & DPF solutions available
  • DSG/TCU tuning
  • Car, 4X4, commercial, truck & tractor ECU remapping
  • Vehicle & mobile diagnostics

Stages of Engine/ECU Remapping & Performance Tuning

At JTK Remapping, we offer three levels of ECU remapping to suit your particular needs:

  • Stage 1: This is the most basic level of tuning that improves performance without making any alterations to the hardware. Expect up to a 30% increase in torque and power with this option.
  • Stage 2: This level involves more detailed modifications that require certain components or parts to be modified and replaced. We mainly use this stage for turbocharged vehicles, where an upgraded turbocharger may be required for improved results.
  • Stage 3: The highest-level ECU remap available from JTK Remapping includes extensive engine modifications such as bigger injectors, a larger intercooler, and more. This option is for those who want the ultimate performance from their vehicle.

Why Choose JTK Remapping Ireland?

A JTK ECU Remap not only increases power, torque, and mpg but also reduces harmful exhaust gases that your vehicle produces, helping our environment. It improves the drivability of your vehicle by reducing or removing flat spots in the engine and creating more power lower down the rev range. A vehicle accelerates more progressively with a smoother movement enhancing the driving experience. ECU remapping also helps you to save fuel and reduce emissions, making it beneficial for both the environment and your wallet.

Is ECU Remapping Worth It?

Yes, it is definitely worth remapping your ECU. ECU Remapping improves the performance of your vehicle and helps you to get more power from it without having to replace any expensive parts. It also helps you to save fuel and reduce emissions, which is beneficial for both the environment and your wallet. Additionally, a good ECU remap can help make your car much more enjoyable to drive as it will respond better to throttle inputs. All in all, getting an ECU remap is a great way to get the most out of your car while saving money at the same time.

If you're looking for a reliable and professional service provider for ECU remapping or tuning services, then look no further than JTK Remapping Ireland!

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