April 27, 2023

A few vehicle remapping misconceptions

At JTK Remapping we are always surprised to hear of some of the common myths related to vehicle remapping. Over the years they have remained the same.

So, we’ve decided to take a little dive into some of the common myths of vehicle remapping in Ireland.

Our short breakdown of vehicle remapping and the process involved should make it clear exactly what remapping will do to your car’s performance. How it will improve drivability, increase speed, torque and improve fuel use.

Remapping is just for boy racers/supercars:

Probably the number one misconception of vehicle remapping is that it is only for cars.

While it is true most of our customers come with custom built and high-performance cars, vehicle remapping can be performed on a wide range of vehicles.

Almost all modern vehicles with an ECU can benefit from remapping with JTK.

  • Remapping can improve the performance of farm vehicles and machinery.
  • Improve fuel use on road and fleet vehicles saving you tremendous amounts of money.
  • With cars, they will improve speed, torque, acceleration and pulling power.
  • Turbo-charged cars do indeed benefit more from a remap, but every vehicle can benefit.

So, no, vehicle remapping is not just for cars.

Should you request a generic or custom remap?

We’re just going to say it, there is no such thing as a generic remap. Each vehicle remap is customised to that make and model and your vehicle's performance history.

If you come across a company specifying there are differences, then you should call us.

Each vehicle at JTK undergoes a dyno test to check for its current performance and areas in which adjustments can be made.

Our team will then remap your car's ECU through specialised software and testing.

Once remapped we will then retest your car with a dyno and conduct a driving test to ensure, each area is working correctly.

Every car is built different, so every remap is custom to your vehicle.

Don’t worry if you thought there was a generic version, many do, and some remapping firms may even promote a difference for higher pricing.

Will my Dyno readout change

As we do use a dynamometer for remapping, many customers are interested in seeing the power readout and the performance changes to their vehicle.

While we can of course provide this to you, it’s important to remember that testing is not an exact science.

Many variables affect your car's performance. Things such as air density, location, height above sea level etc.

So, your test with us might look different somewhere else.

Does this affect the remap of your car? Not at all.

Dyno tests help us navigate complex mapping systems in your car, the performance is enhanced, even if testing in different locations might not show this.

It can be a little confusing, but dyno testing is more for our technicians than a true reading of your vehicle’s performance.

Do I have to go through each Remapping stage


It's completely up to you how many stages of remapping you want your car to go through. Stages 1 and 2 primarily focus on the software aspect of your car and involve the remapping process we mention here.

Later stages will involve hardware changes that affect the look and feel of your car to a far higher degree.

Basic ECU remapping is ideal for regular drivers looking for more power and fleet vehicles that will benefit from cost savings.

Further remapping is for performance drivers.

You can chat with our team about the different stages and what we can do for you here at JTK Remapping.


If you have any more questions about your vehicle remapping, get in touch with JTK Remapping today.

Article written by John Kearns

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