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Isuzu Remapping Service

isuzu remapping ireland
At JTK Remapping, we offer a complete remapping service for all Isuzu engines. 

Our team uses an in-house rolling road to finely tune our ECU remaps, ensuring significant performance increases for our customers. With modern engines being the way they are, a car remap should be completed on your car if you want to get the most from it in terms of performance and fuel economy.

We are the experts in car tuning for all brands, and we are here to help you get the best from your car. Book your Isuzu in with us today and experience the improved power, torque, and fuel economy your car is capable of. 

Benefits of ECU Remapping

Remapping your Isuzu with JTK Remapping Ireland has several benefits, including:

✅ Unlocking Hidden Power
✅ Better Fuel Economy & MPG
✅ Up to a 35% increase in BHP on a Stage 1 Remap
✅ Up to 50% more torque
✅ Up to 20% better fuel economy
✅ Better throttle response
✅ Safer overtaking & acceleration
✅ Lifetime software warranty
✅ EGR & DPF solutions available
✅ DSG/TCU tuning
✅ Car, 4X4, commercial, truck & tractor ECU remapping
✅ Vehicle & mobile diagnostics

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